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Welcome to Tokenasians.com!

Tokenasians.com is dormant at this time. It is unknown whether it will ever be active again. Thanks for visiting and participating over the years!

Our archives are online but no new users will be accepted and no comments/spam can be posted. So shoo, spammers.

Drop us a line if you would like to chat.

Site conversion progress

Archives: 99% | Articles: 17% | Galleries: 15% | Links: 0%

Free baseball ticket
Entertainment I have 2 tickets for the UH baseball game on 3/7 if anyone wants them. So does anybody still read this?
Posted by penfold on Wednesday, March 05 @ 13:34:58 PST (6292 reads)
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Las drogas While patrolling High Times, I came across Potpartners, dating site specifically for pot smokers. From their website
Potpartner.com is here to fill a needed niche market. Potpartner knows how hard it is for people who smoke marijuana to be accepted by people who do not. The issue of smoking marijuana aka 420 is often a deal breaker with people who do not smoke marijuana. The days of stressing about bring up the subject are over, pot smokers can meet people just like them. Access to the internet is all the artillery you need to find yourself a smoker just like you. Potpartner.com Adult Personals is on the forefront of this new niche in adult dating.

An estimated 163 million people consume marijuana on an annual basis with 21 million being in the Unites States. Potpartner.com recognizes this market needs attention. With our ultra modern dating software we offer all of the features top mainstream dating sites offer. Photos, Instant messaging, Chat rooms and Video Upload are just some of the modern features available to members. Potpartner offers men and women the ability to post their profile for 100 percent free.

Posted by penfold on Monday, October 22 @ 00:37:15 PDT (6885 reads)
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Late night eats

For the late night eaters, Miki's is a plate lunch type place open from 10pm-10am. Located in Pearl City, by District Court on the corner of 4th and Lehua Av.

Posted by penfold on Tuesday, September 18 @ 12:51:55 PDT (4414 reads)
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Ric Flair finance
Entertainment Now here's something for you old school wrestling fans, Ric Flair Finance. Home of the Figure 4 loan process.
Posted by penfold on Thursday, September 13 @ 16:04:11 PDT (4369 reads)
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Dental dam from condom
Just in case your dating plans go south.....

How to make a dental dam from a condom.

- Submitted by drmikee

Posted by penfold on Thursday, September 13 @ 15:55:12 PDT (3339 reads)
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More fishing
Tres cool

Gary and I haul in another fish. A decent sized kaku (barracuda) caught at Penguin Banks. Hawaii Fishing Lures.com, your online source for trolling lures.

Posted by penfold on Monday, August 27 @ 00:37:19 PDT (5803 reads)
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Michael Vick chew toy

For you doggie needs, the Michael Vick chew toy.

Posted by penfold on Tuesday, August 07 @ 12:22:58 PDT (3600 reads)
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Animal kingdom

Check out this ulua Gary and I caught on 7/31/07 outside of Kaneohe Bay.
Gary is the owner of HawaiiFishingLures.com, your online source for big game fishing lures.

Posted by penfold on Sunday, August 05 @ 12:48:01 PDT (3918 reads)
(Read More... | Score: 5)

Potter nuts
Rants A columnist from Salon writes an article about a leaked Harry Potter book and the readers go off.

To them I say, Get a life, you've become this century's trekkies.

Posted by penfold on Tuesday, July 17 @ 17:59:57 PDT (6480 reads)
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Slurpee Fury
Food/drink 7-11 has introduced the Full Throttle Fury Slurpee. Yes, it's an energy drink in slushie form. It's good stuff, Fury is one of only energy drinkable on taste.

I recommend the Scotty method of slushie construction, a little ice and a little bit of soda before fulling the rest of the cup with slushie.

I found the following while researching for this post, Kosher Slurpee?

Posted by penfold on Wednesday, July 04 @ 14:29:17 PDT (4786 reads)
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Food/drink I went to Cassis for lunch last week. Cassis is Chef Mavro's new downtown restaurant at the location of the former Palominos. Think upper level French cuisine. Cheapest lunch entre was $20 so it is pricier then Palominos, but you should have no problems getting a table.
Posted by penfold on Wednesday, June 27 @ 19:17:37 PDT (9426 reads)
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New Downtown restaurant
Food/drink There's a new restaurant Downtown. Not Cassis (though I'll probably review it later), but a new Persian restaurant caller Dat One Persian Restaurant. Dat One is located in the Tardus Financial Building, right across from Ba Le.

Prices are about the same as as the other Greek/Armenian restaurants around town. The food is a cross between Indian and Middle Eastern flavors. Try it out, I give it an 80/100.

Posted by penfold on Monday, May 14 @ 17:52:23 PDT (4181 reads)
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Clearwire upgrade
Computer tech I don't know what happened, but it seems that Clearwire has sped up their service. It is now much closer to cable modem speed.
Posted by penfold on Monday, January 29 @ 16:07:46 PST (5730 reads)
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Add one NHL token Asian
Hockey! Add one more token Asian to the NHL ranks. Yutaka Fukufuji has been recalled by the LA kings. Read about it here.
Posted by penfold on Saturday, December 16 @ 15:27:46 PST (3600 reads)
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Token school teachers
Las drogas Two Mililani middle school teachers were arrested for toking out before class. Why couldn't my professors be as cool. Check it out here
Posted by penfold on Tuesday, December 05 @ 14:48:43 PST (4298 reads)
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