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Familiar place
Posted on Thursday, March 16 @ 13:16:35 PST by Red
Rants Michelle Malkin does a lot to stir the ire of Democrats and other free-thinking individuals in this country, but I think her greatest strength (?) is the ability to dig up old emotions the way an ex-girlfriend does when she suddenly walks back into your life. Like every manipulative, self-serving, pompous cunt that ever walked the planet, Malkin will stop at nothing to make people feel something, even if she has to cut at their heartstrings with a rusty old blade and shove it down their throats.

Obviously, Malkin had to repost pictures of a man falling to his death on the morning of September 11, 2001. After all, Esquire wrote about it and Britain's channel 4 is showing a documentary about the unidentified man and his destiny with death. So of course, she had no choice. Right?

Does it really matter? Does it make a difference if he was this guy or that one? Nothing in the world, especially high octane terror-fueled melodrama, can bring him back, heal his family's wounds, or make anything in the world even remotely right. He's still dead, and so are the thousands of other faceless human beings who didn't have a camera pointed at them when they died that day.

Publishing that photo does nothing but stir up shit. But as you might know, I'm a sucker...so I went to her site and I read the story. In mere seconds, it all came back to me: the horror, the frustration, the grief, the empty feeling right in the middle. Now it feels like yesterday. Again. It's not something I want to be feeling right now. Take my word for it and avoid Malkin's article - heck, her site - at all costs. You don't need see it, and you don't need to feel it. We've all been to that awful place before...

Re: Familiar place (Score: 1)
by Raul on Friday, March 17 @ 17:19:43 PST
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.tokenasians.com
Republicons secretly wish it were Sept. 11 every day, there's no other explantion for their constant replaying of it.

Re: Familiar place (Score: 1)
by DrMikee on Monday, March 20 @ 21:34:01 PST
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Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure not to go there......( even tho I have to admit I have no idea in hell who Michelle Malkin even is..)

Re: Familiar place (Score: 1)
by gsohappy on Tuesday, March 21 @ 02:21:12 PST
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michelle malkin is damaged goods, man; damaged goods... (and drmikee, don't ever read Midweek)

Re: Familiar place (Score: 1)
by DrMikee on Saturday, March 25 @ 11:38:12 PST
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Got it, Midweek...BAD. BTW, WTF is Midweek..?


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