Clearwire broadband
Date: Wednesday, August 02 @ 18:34:00 PDT
Topic: Technology

Just signed up for Clearwire internet service, sold in Hawaii through

I was looking for an alternitive to the crappy HawaiianTel DSL and expensive Oceanic Cable. No more waiting a month for the phone company to turn on the dsl or waiting for the cable guy to come in. Just plug it in, fiddle with it a little get best signal and go. Best of all, it actually hits the downloand speeds as advbertised. Wireless broadband couldn't be much simpler

PS if you do sign up, you need to set up a clearwire email account before you can send mail through their smtp server. Smtp server is, user name is "emailaddress", and password is the one you used to set up the clearwire email. (Took quite a while for me to figure this out)

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