Date: Monday, October 22 @ 00:37:15 PDT
Topic: Las drogas

While patrolling High Times, I came across Potpartners, dating site specifically for pot smokers. From their website is here to fill a needed niche market. Potpartner knows how hard it is for people who smoke marijuana to be accepted by people who do not. The issue of smoking marijuana aka 420 is often a deal breaker with people who do not smoke marijuana. The days of stressing about bring up the subject are over, pot smokers can meet people just like them. Access to the internet is all the artillery you need to find yourself a smoker just like you. Adult Personals is on the forefront of this new niche in adult dating.

An estimated 163 million people consume marijuana on an annual basis with 21 million being in the Unites States. recognizes this market needs attention. With our ultra modern dating software we offer all of the features top mainstream dating sites offer. Photos, Instant messaging, Chat rooms and Video Upload are just some of the modern features available to members. Potpartner offers men and women the ability to post their profile for 100 percent free.

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