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National anthem in spanish
Politics There is a debate brewing over a performance of the national anthem in Spanish

The official TA position on this: Who the hell cares?

Posted by penfold on Tuesday, May 02 @ 18:47:27 PDT (3368 reads)
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Bush Docrine allows Mini-Nukes
Politics Bush Pentagon policy now says nukes on the battlefield dont pose problems for civilians ...

- Submitted by drmikee

Posted by raul on Wednesday, February 22 @ 08:08:21 PST (1206 reads)
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Bush = Nixon
Politics It's my civic duty to post stuff like this. Check out Moveon's latest public service message, which points out in plain terms to the average American idiot that which has been known quite well for some time now ... Bush is essentially the second coming of the crook Nixon.

We ran him out and it's a matter of shame if we don't do the same to this one as well.

Posted by raul on Tuesday, February 07 @ 13:00:21 PST (1205 reads)
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RNC 2004
Politics I came across this while researching an old link I had posted a few years back on TA. It's the most disturbing account of the 2004 RNC arrests I have seen.

I highly encourage everyone to read this account. I have to say I'm almost embarrassed that the whole thing didn't register much with me at the time. I knew there were mass arrests, but I didn't realize just what that meant.

I don't think it's possible to read this and not question the direction our nation is heading. It makes me that much more fucking sick that 2% of the electorate kept the same motherfuckers in power for 4 more years.

Posted by raul on Saturday, January 21 @ 03:23:21 PST (1176 reads)
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Ben Franklin at 300
Politics Good stuff on this wise old bird ...

- Submitted by drmikee

Posted by raul on Friday, January 20 @ 10:42:17 PST (1158 reads)
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Impeach the fucker
Politics From that bastion of essential journalism, Salon, comes this piece on the impeachable crimes commited -- and admitted to -- by George Bush. Take the time to watch the ad to get your day pass, if you don't already have a subscription. This is required reading.

It's stunning how a president can literally flaunt the fact that he committed such crimes. It's telling how, as the story writes, Republicans are failing the test of principle by not calling for Bush's impeachment when what he has done is far more directly deserving than what Clinton did. Of course, we already know Republicans have no real principles to speak of, and it remains ridiculous that they are so embraced by supposedly principled people.

Such dearth of logic really leaves no other interpretation or conclusion than what the American left has always known: that our positions really are the ones of intelligence and integrity, while the opposition is both stupid and corrupt.

Posted by raul on Thursday, December 22 @ 14:42:45 PST (3113 reads)
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Down with Big Brother
Politics Wanna protest the war?
Big Brother's watching you.

Dark times are ahead ...

- Submitted by gsohappy

Posted by raul on Thursday, December 15 @ 13:46:38 PST (1193 reads)
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Bush's 'goddamned piece of paper'
Politics From the ever-so valuable Capitol Hill Blue comes some insider info as to Bush's true feelings about the Constitution he purports to be sworn to uphold:
“Mr. President,” one aide in the meeting said. “There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution.”

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

While Bush is obviously the hugest moron here, it's very telling that the Republican leaders he was conferencing with were concerned about "alienating conservatives" rather than the basic idea of the law being unconstitutional in the first place, proving once and for all that they only thing they want to uphold is their crooked brand of political power. Throw the bums out!
Posted by raul on Tuesday, December 13 @ 14:38:25 PST (1823 reads)
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Challenging Hillary
Politics Could it be that Tasini, following Murtha's lead, will start to bring the Democratic Party back to its Progressive roots? I wouldn't hold my breath, but I'll definitely have my eye on the New York primaries in September ...

- Submitted by gsohappy

Posted by raul on Tuesday, December 06 @ 19:55:25 PST (1196 reads)
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How Fox News does it
Politics In doing some readings today I stumbled across an excellent example of how Fox News insidiously tries to bias news reporting and influence discourse on topics around the world. Have a look at the first few paragraphs of this Fox News story on the burning of a woman during the France riots. Now look at the actual story, close to as moved by AP (corroborated by a Google news query).

Read on for the explicit analysis.

Posted by raul on Tuesday, November 08 @ 21:54:47 PST (2534 reads)
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Paper Trails and Culture Wars
Politics The neocon Bushies have now hit us with two stealth nominees for the Supreme Court who have almost no paper trail to document their right-wing ideologies. The tactic worked for Roberts, who was confirmed with little opposition in the Senate. Meanwhile, Bush's latest stealth nominee, Harriet Miers -- while temporarily getting the Christian Right's holy panties in a bunch with doubts as to whether she is really a "true" conservative -- may actually turn out to be a nightmare for Liberals ...

- Submitted by gsohappy

Posted by raul on Friday, October 07 @ 14:21:53 PDT (934 reads)
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Delay going down
Politics Tom DeLay, gets indicted by a Texas grand jury for political fund raising badness. So much for the party that was going to restore honor to the Federal government. Check it out here.

Rove, you're next.

Posted by penfold on Wednesday, September 28 @ 13:20:27 PDT (2178 reads)
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