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Potter nuts
Rants A columnist from Salon writes an article about a leaked Harry Potter book and the readers go off.

To them I say, Get a life, you've become this century's trekkies.

Posted by penfold on Tuesday, July 17 @ 17:59:57 PDT (6480 reads)
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Honolulu Tune Up
Rants Its a common story. We might even call it the Honolulu story. You have a modern late model car with fuel injection and computer controlled automatic, but why does it run rough ?!?! Well maybe its because its 6 years old? Myth. New cars with low mileage seem to run rough this year. E10 imho is the cause. NOT the ONLY cause however. Modern Automatic transmissions run hotter than ever and need to be serviced more frequently than "old muscle cars". FLUSH YOUR TRANS! Keep your injectors clean with LUCAS Fuel Treatment and install spark plugs one heat range colder. After running a tankfull of fuel treatment install a new fuel filter. If you have a K&N airfilter shoot some brake clean on your MAF wire. I do this to all my cars and they run like new. Modern FI cars work best when they idle cherry. Everything is based on that ...if it idles cherry WOT and everything in between will be cherry.
Dont be so quick to blame the computer or the Age of the car or the mileage. Modern cars can run to 200k +.
Happy Motoring

- Submitted by fuzzyg

Posted by penfold on Wednesday, October 11 @ 19:54:00 PDT (5580 reads)
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Familiar place
Rants Michelle Malkin does a lot to stir the ire of Democrats and other free-thinking individuals in this country, but I think her greatest strength (?) is the ability to dig up old emotions the way an ex-girlfriend does when she suddenly walks back into your life. Like every manipulative, self-serving, pompous cunt that ever walked the planet, Malkin will stop at nothing to make people feel something, even if she has to cut at their heartstrings with a rusty old blade and shove it down their throats.
Posted by Red on Thursday, March 16 @ 13:16:35 PST (1290 reads)
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The death of English
Rants Tony Long at Wired magazine has written a great article about the decline of yet another pillar of western civilization: language. Give it a read...then give something a write.
Posted by Red on Thursday, February 16 @ 13:38:43 PST (1715 reads)
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WV miners news debacle
Rants I might be one of the most cynical people around, or just plain evil, depending on who's judging. But I gotta say this WV miners debacle ain't all bad.

I was *very* suspicious when reports first started coming out about survivors, withthe heavy coverage of the jubilations and the Godfest. And as it turns out, despite the early slam-dunk reporting, I was right: the story gets the big hook, and turns a screeching 180 into a gutter. Read on ...

Posted by raul on Wednesday, January 04 @ 15:01:35 PST (2589 reads)
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Cheering Chicago
Rants The White Sox victory parade rolled past my workplace just an hour ago. The street was packed shoulder to shoulder with cheering Chicagoans and honking horns...horns honked not out of frustration, but in celebration...
Posted by Red on Friday, October 28 @ 11:14:36 PDT (1218 reads)
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