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Free baseball ticket
Entertainment I have 2 tickets for the UH baseball game on 3/7 if anyone wants them. So does anybody still read this?
Posted by penfold on Wednesday, March 05 @ 13:34:58 PST (6292 reads)
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Ric Flair finance
Entertainment Now here's something for you old school wrestling fans, Ric Flair Finance. Home of the Figure 4 loan process.
Posted by penfold on Thursday, September 13 @ 16:04:11 PDT (4369 reads)
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Michael Vick chew toy

For you doggie needs, the Michael Vick chew toy.

Posted by penfold on Tuesday, August 07 @ 12:22:58 PDT (3600 reads)
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Mix a Lot
Entertainment Posse on Broadway
Posted by penfold on Saturday, August 19 @ 20:24:10 PDT (6276 reads)
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More Youtube goodness
Entertainment All I wanted was a Pepsi
Just one Pepsi
But she wouldn't give it to me.
Posted by penfold on Wednesday, July 12 @ 19:11:14 PDT (3676 reads)
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OSU grounds Cheerleaders
Entertainment Linky

As of this month, there wont be anymore short-skirted high-kicking cheerleaders doing aerial acrobatics on the sidelines at Oregon State University games. Instead, an earthbound "spirt" squad in khaki pants and polo shirts will replace them. Pretty ironic, from a school which calls itself.."the Beavers"!

Meanwhile, the squad is trying to fight the decision...here's their website

- Submitted by drmikee

Posted by penfold on Tuesday, June 20 @ 19:18:33 PDT (6033 reads)
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80s MTV
Entertainment Most of you have already heard of Youtube. There's an undiscovered gold mine of 80s music videos, you know, from when MTV used to actually play videos. Do a search and you'll be supprised what you'll find.

Some examples of what you can find
Van Halen - Hot for Teacher
Europe - The Final Courtdown
Aha - Take on Me

Posted by penfold on Wednesday, May 03 @ 19:36:54 PDT (1404 reads)
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Action Kurt
Entertainment Kurt Cobain action figure

Now you can have hours of fun deciding..murder or suicide?

Check it out here

In case there is anyone on earth who doesnt know who Kurt is, here's a bio...

- Submitted by drmikee

Posted by penfold on Tuesday, May 02 @ 18:52:49 PDT (1261 reads)
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Spider-Man 3 teaser poster released
Entertainment It's official...the teaser poster for the third Maguire/Raimi Spider-Man movie is out. As the ever-astute Harry Knowles will point out, the poster is not black and white.....the costume is black and white. That strange sound you just heard was the collective splat of goo on millions of geek monitors across the nation.

...and in case you haven't heard (it's not exactly news), Thomas Haden Church is starring in SP3 as the Sandman. In addition, expect to see a buffed-up Topher Grace making a special appearance as.....why, of course. VENOM.
Posted by Red on Friday, February 24 @ 11:58:12 PST (2612 reads)
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Entertainment Here's something that looks pretty cool, at least by first impression, Pandora.com is kind of a personal music exploration site. You create "your own station" based on a single artist or song, and it plays a nice list of stuff musically similar. It guides you a little with its rationales for choosing songs, and you can guide it to zoom in on your tastes. The rationales are particularly interesting, it's really accurate as far as I've seen. Give it a shot!
Posted by raul on Friday, February 17 @ 02:40:14 PST (1679 reads)
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Book of Daniel - Too Late
Entertainment So I was surfing around tonight, lamenting the early demise of so many quality shows, the likes of Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, Life As We Know It and Kitchen Confidential, and I came across another show being killed off before its time. And with the religious-right influence involved in this one, it's my duty to preserve for posterity my disapproval and disgust over it.

The Book of Daniel has seen more than its share of controversy in recent times. And with a plotline involving a drug-addicted priest with a gay son, an adpoted Asian son, a daughter coming of age, a wife in midlife crisis, a philandering brother, a black, socially conflicted housekeeper, and a mother with Alzheimer's, how could it not be? Throw in church corruption and the Mafia for good measure, and top it all off with an incarnation of God, and things are sure to get dicey in the current unfortunate social climate in this country.

In any event, any outcry over this show by the so-called faithful is woefully uninformed and misplaced. It has already been yanked off the air, partly thanks to threats of boycotts and unilateral action by individual network affiliates. Advertiser ran scared, and that was that -- except NBC is now offering the unaired episodes in their entirety at the site linked above. Check it out. It's not half bad. And there's nothing it in warranting any pathetic outcry by morally challenged zealots who would rather piss and moan about depictions in a television show while their corrupt champions squander the country's image and wealth killing the brown man to export our brand of political and economic oppression.

Posted by raul on Tuesday, January 31 @ 06:13:34 PST (996 reads)
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AD plug - a little late
Entertainment I probably should have been posting a plug like this every week for the last 3 years. But whatever. Friday, Feb. 10, will be your last chance to see the brilliant comedy Arrested Development, at least on Faux. Hopefully another network will pick it up ... although I'm not too enthused about how much it costs to get Showtime around here.

If you've never seen it before, AD is simply one of the best comedy shows to come along in years, with one of the best ensemble casts, perhaps ever. But be prepared to step up the brain a little bit ... watch AD with the typical mental passivity engendered by most TV nowdays (especially on Fox), and you'll miss half of it.

So set your TiVo, VCR (what's that?) or alarm clock. Screw the Olympics opening ceremonies, I guarantee you AD will be much more worth your time.

Posted by raul on Monday, January 30 @ 14:26:14 PST (919 reads)
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EBN lives
Entertainment As I continue to import the old archives, I run across some old, cool stuff with dead links (heck most of the links are dead now). So here's a little link updating for that eclectic stuff from the dawn of multimedia -- EBN:
Posted by raul on Wednesday, January 25 @ 05:32:29 PST (837 reads)
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Kidney Trek
Entertainment Williamm Shatner gives his kidney stone to be sold for a donation to Habitat for Humanity. "The ultimate Star Trek collectable".

- Submitted by drmikee

Posted by raul on Friday, January 20 @ 11:06:27 PST (814 reads)
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OWW + Lion Red
Entertainment I'm out of town for the week, so here's a lengthy item to keep you busy ... this guy actually transcribed Once Were Warriors. Although without the character names, uness you're a real fan you may have problems following it.

And though some may find it incongruous, watching OWW again (first time in several years) has got me seriously jonesing for Lion Red beer. Pity the only place I knew of that sold it stopped carrying it. I sincerely hope there is another place out there that sells it, anyone know anything?

Posted by raul on Monday, January 16 @ 16:26:46 PST (1214 reads)
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