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Clearwire broadband
Technology Just signed up for Clearwire internet service, sold in Hawaii through Lava.net.

I was looking for an alternitive to the crappy HawaiianTel DSL and expensive Oceanic Cable. No more waiting a month for the phone company to turn on the dsl or waiting for the cable guy to come in. Just plug it in, fiddle with it a little get best signal and go. Best of all, it actually hits the downloand speeds as advbertised. Wireless broadband couldn't be much simpler

PS if you do sign up, you need to set up a clearwire email account before you can send mail through their smtp server. Smtp server is mail.clearwire.net, user name is "emailaddress"@clearwire.net, and password is the one you used to set up the clearwire email. (Took quite a while for me to figure this out)

Posted by penfold on Wednesday, August 02 @ 18:34:00 PDT (6756 reads)
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Aibo RIP
Technology Sony is discontinuing its robot dog, Aibo:
TOKYO - The world's first mass-marketed robot, Sony's Aibo, recognizes its owners' faces and is programmed for sympathy, like a canine companion. Its eyes light up in red to show anger, green to convey happiness. It even learns its own name.

Aibo owners tend to be fiercely loyal, too. The robots have even been hacked by tinkerers seeking to add their own modifications. But none of that prevented Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE - news). from announcing last week that it was scrapping the four-legged robot pet as part of the company's bid to reverse flagging fortunes and cut costs.

Hit up the full story here. Sony's website for Aibo is here.

- Submitted by drmikee

Posted by raul on Thursday, February 02 @ 14:09:52 PST (1177 reads)
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CD media that lasts longer than 2 years
Technology Those crappy bargain-bin cds you see for sale at Office Max are just that: crappy.

Over time, any CD-R will degrade to the point where the data becomes unreadable. Since consumer CD (and DVD) writers use heat to write data, exposure to heat (hence the term burner) will royally fuck up your CDs. That means don't leave burned cds in your car!

(Some people say cheap cds will degrade anywhere between 1-20 years...and it all depends on who you ask and what brand & type of media you're talking about.)

How crappy would that be? You back up your precious digital camera photos which are irreplaceable, only to find out in a couple of years they're lost forever? That would be awful.

There's a way you can avoid this, though.

Click read more to read on...
Posted by Red on Friday, January 20 @ 14:40:19 PST (1326 reads)
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Dad's blog
Technology Sir Tim Berners-Lee has come full circle.

I call him "Dad" because he's the man who created the web over sixteen years ago. You wouldn't be reading this today you could be doing something completely different with your life if it weren't for Berners-Lee. He gave birth to one of the most revolutionary technological advancements of the last two millenia, a creation whose effects are so far-reaching it's impossible to imagine a world without the World Wide Web.

So...stop by, say hi, and congratulate him on his first blogging effort. Thanks, Pa. You changed my life.
Posted by Red on Saturday, December 17 @ 17:26:58 PST (1220 reads)
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TiVo 30-second skip
Technology Got a TiVo and lament the lack of 30-second skip? It actually exists, it just needs to be activated!

Don't got a TiVo? Betta ask somebody ...

Posted by raul on Thursday, October 27 @ 06:54:54 PDT (1285 reads)
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IM convergence
Technology From The Tech Zone: "Today the world of instant messaging (IM) is a disjointed mess, and it's time for a citizen's revolt. Like many people, I use IM throughout the day for business and personal communications. It's maddening when I want to send an IM to a user only to realize that they're unreachable because they happen to be on a different network. IM should function like email or the phone system where one address/number lets you communicate with everyone."

Not a bad idea; the time has definitely come. I can hardly IM any of you mofoes. Check the story here.

Posted by raul on Monday, October 17 @ 15:48:00 PDT (1388 reads)
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Windows Vista leaked again
Technology The most recent build of Windows Vista (build 5231) was just leaked. Yes, again. It's been confirmed - Internet Explorer v7.0 will have tabbed browsing.
Posted by Red on Thursday, October 13 @ 11:01:20 PDT (1211 reads)
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Chang power computing
Technology The folks over at Futurelooks have put together a quick look at the state of the art of frugal power computing.
Posted by raul on Thursday, September 22 @ 07:02:32 PDT (1285 reads)
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