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Late night eats

For the late night eaters, Miki's is a plate lunch type place open from 10pm-10am. Located in Pearl City, by District Court on the corner of 4th and Lehua Av.

Posted by penfold on Tuesday, September 18 @ 12:51:55 PDT (4414 reads)
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Slurpee Fury
Food/drink 7-11 has introduced the Full Throttle Fury Slurpee. Yes, it's an energy drink in slushie form. It's good stuff, Fury is one of only energy drinkable on taste.

I recommend the Scotty method of slushie construction, a little ice and a little bit of soda before fulling the rest of the cup with slushie.

I found the following while researching for this post, Kosher Slurpee?

Posted by penfold on Wednesday, July 04 @ 14:29:17 PDT (4786 reads)
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Food/drink I went to Cassis for lunch last week. Cassis is Chef Mavro's new downtown restaurant at the location of the former Palominos. Think upper level French cuisine. Cheapest lunch entre was $20 so it is pricier then Palominos, but you should have no problems getting a table.
Posted by penfold on Wednesday, June 27 @ 19:17:37 PDT (9426 reads)
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New Downtown restaurant
Food/drink There's a new restaurant Downtown. Not Cassis (though I'll probably review it later), but a new Persian restaurant caller Dat One Persian Restaurant. Dat One is located in the Tardus Financial Building, right across from Ba Le.

Prices are about the same as as the other Greek/Armenian restaurants around town. The food is a cross between Indian and Middle Eastern flavors. Try it out, I give it an 80/100.

Posted by penfold on Monday, May 14 @ 17:52:23 PDT (4181 reads)
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Drink NOS

NOS has decided to go into the enery drink market with a NOS Drink. Having sampled a can, I can say that this is the first energy drink that wasn't overly sweet. If you want to try a can, they're available at 7-11.

Posted by penfold on Friday, August 25 @ 12:39:01 PDT (4586 reads)
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All in one EggMcMuffin maker

Feel the need? Try out the Egg and Muffin Toaster. Make you Egg-a-Mooby-Muffin sandwich at home in one machine. Brilliant I tell you.

Posted by penfold on Tuesday, August 08 @ 17:00:20 PDT (5783 reads)
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Food/drink Pick your poison, Bum Wines (Cisco, MD 20/20, etc...) or Caffinated/Energy Drinks.
Posted by penfold on Monday, March 20 @ 12:00:00 PST (1295 reads)
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Wanted: guinea pigs
Food/drink I'm looking for participants for a taste test of energy drinks. This will be a test of taste only, so if you want to sip and spit, that's fine with me. If you want in, email me.
Posted by penfold on Saturday, February 04 @ 18:44:34 PST (1177 reads)
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Crispy meat goodness
Food/drink I saw this in the pharmacy of all places, and just couldn't resist. Yes, you read right, it's Oh Boy Oberto's Beef Jerky Crisps.

It's pretty much exactly what it says. Kind of looks a little like a pepperoni, it's little round, crispy meat chips. It tastes more or less like been jerky. It's actually pretty good. Sure as heck beats the very disappointing Peppa-Roni Snack Chips.

Posted by raul on Tuesday, December 06 @ 20:10:29 PST (2191 reads)
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Soy bombs for everyone
Food/drink These numbers just in...tofu can reduce cholesterol by as much as 8%. Hit up the Sun-Times story, pass the tofutti, and munch on some soy nuts...
Posted by Red on Sunday, November 06 @ 19:37:58 PST (1186 reads)
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It Looks SO Real!
Food/drink I've never seen a dessert that looks so real and causes discomfort by just talking about it! Check out this awesome cake here: Kitty Litter Cake.

- Submitted by joo

Posted by raul on Thursday, October 27 @ 06:09:16 PDT (875 reads)
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Deep fried pickles ... mmm
Food/drink So the other week I discovered a new take on one of my favorite foods: fried pickles. You can get them locally at Byron's Drive Inn near the airport. The version served there is less battered than the picture here, but they are spears as pictured, rather than chips.

Recipes here. Sinful!

Posted by raul on Thursday, October 20 @ 15:01:35 PDT (1902 reads)
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For bacon boys everywhere
Food/drink BACON! BACON! BACON! Hickory smoked bacon. Cob smoked bacon. Applewood smoked bacon. You choose.

- Submitted by joo

Posted by raul on Saturday, October 15 @ 02:20:51 PDT (1026 reads)
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Segal's Lightning
Food/drink Not satisifed with doing direct-to-video movies any more, Steven Segal has branched out into doing an enery drink. Check it out here

Anyone seen this drink anywhere?

Posted by penfold on Tuesday, October 11 @ 14:35:53 PDT (951 reads)
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Have some tilapia
Food/drink Everyone knows fishies are good for your health, but a recent study has found fish consumption is especially good for the brain. Humanoids with fish in their diet are reportedly less at risk for Alzheimer's and strokes.

Moral of the story? If fish is already a part of your diet, keep it up. If it isn't, now would be a good time to start.
Posted by Red on Monday, October 10 @ 20:54:59 PDT (997 reads)
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